A new start

Just moved in to my new apartment on the 3rd floor of a pre war apartment building in Riga center and it is a great place. Heating works. pigeons on the rooftop of the garages in the yard and my fully automated coffee machine. What more can a man wish for?……..

RIGHT.  Dutch old cheese.


Unbelievable. Can you imagine how much I am craving for the Dutch (old) cheeses.

I am living in Riga, now for about 2 months. The pile of cheese I brought with is gone already for weeks. It will take a long time before I am able to visit Holland again. This will be tough.

Although there is a lot to replace this craving with. The garlic bread is delicious if it is freshly made and a big bottle of beer next to it.

Anyway, as an expat you get to know a lot of other expats which are facing the same challenges. It is a good thing to know that sharing this with the expat community in Riga and through this blog with the whole wide world (www) will make me even more determined to get my cravings fulfilled.

On to the next challenge. Writing my next blog in a few days. Read you later.

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One Response to A new start

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Good luck with the blog! 😉

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