Monkey Business

Now there is no need anymore to travel in the weekends to see my kids because they are back in Riga. It is time to find nice places to go with the kids here in town.

Spring finally arrived here and suddenly it is 20 degrees Celsius during daytime. What is nicer than having a stroll in Riga’s Zoo. Right. Having a stroll in Riga’s Zoo with the kids.


It starts with getting them ready to go outside. that takes around 30 minutes if you are lucky. It is big fun though. Which shoes do you want? Darling, not your boots. It is not raining and  it is way too warm for boots. BUT I WANT MY BOOTS. And after 15 minutes she puts on her pink shoes which are perfect for sunny weather and a long walk. The youngest one hates to wear a cap. The next 15 minutes is spent putting on a cap, putting it on again, putting it on again.

It feels like a Zoo already and we did not even manage to go outside.

At the Zoo it is quiet and not a lot of people are visiting. In Latvia the 4th of May is also the declaration of Independence day and a lot of people do party in the parks and pubs of Riga center.

The kids are in a good mood and excited to see animals they don’t see every day. One is running from left to right and the other one is hanging outside the buggy for fun. This is promising.

The first sign is in Latvian and it translates like “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS”.

As expected most of the visitors visiting the Zoo cannot read. Monkeys, giraffes, deer. Everywhere people were walking with a big bag of old bread and throwing it over the fence. Now I am not throwing away food and I do feed the pigeons outside my flat. But everybody knows that animals in the Zoo are most of the time on a special diet. Signs are written in text and with pictures. What is so hard to understand?

riga zoo 4

Well, besides my frustration about something I cannot change anyway it was a perfect day. Only one little accident with ice cream :-(. I expected her to start crying, but the only thing she said was “Oy”. She was still holding half of it. The top was melting on the street.

riga zoo 2

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2 Responses to Monkey Business

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Oy. Sounds like a fun day out!

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