To take a picture

Last week I finally managed to make time and I sorted out a big pile of digital photos.

Holiday snapshots, kids, mother and kids, sightseeing pictures and the most remarkable thing was:

I am hardly seen alone on any of them.


There are a few perfectly explainable reasons for that.

  1. I am not alone on that picture (mostly with the kids);
  2. Many pictures of myself I don’t like;
  3. I don’t feel comfortable being the subject of a picture;
  4. I do take most of the pictures. (Yes I can  😉 ).

But I managed to find a few where I am posing on my own. Although they are from a long time ago, they represent very good memories 🙂


Stag party on a quad in the snow (2005)                      No, not my stag party 🙂


Venice, Italy (2009)

And that is about it. On the other hand. I am perfectly comfortable with it. No regrets.

I guess I will stick to the scenery pictures with my phone.

Keep smiling 😉

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3 Responses to To take a picture

  1. Expat Eye says:

    Love the title of this post 😉 You look like a real dude in Venice!

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