Row Row Row your boat part 2

During the “cruise in company” of the Tall ships Races, it is tradition that all crew members of all the Tall Ships are parading through the town which is hosting the “cruise in company”. So it happened yesterday in Riga.

Yesterday we all were gathering around the monument of freedom to witness the fellowship of the Tall Ships walk by and it happened to all of us waiting. Right in front of the parade a wedding couple had planned to put flowers at the freedom monument. Everybody in the audience aside the streets were applauding for them, which was actually very cool to see and hear. As they looked very surprised, I have the feeling they didn’t know the parade was near 🙂


After the happy couple the parade slowly passed by and to picture this, I took around 150 photos which I am not showing all. That would be too much. Even for the visual addicted among us.

The parade was passing by with the Latvian Police sweeping the street on a Segway in front.


Finally all crews were passing. Some were walking, others dancing and singing.


The Russians were in style.


Another Russian crew, but happily waving their oversized hats.


A Polish crew was happy to roam the streets.

And some crews had hired a choreograph. Singing, dancing or performing a small play.


Are they Irish? No Polish. Identity crisis?



As Holland was represented by 2 ships, they also brought the Dutch Lion on a leash. Many males followed the female lion. Who will blame them?



Especially for our Lady (OTC), a German crew (as I couldn’t find a Spanish one).

They looked very tired. Maybe they compared the Latvian cakes beers with the German ones till early in the morning?


It seemed pirate ninjas took over the city center. I don’t mind being taken hostage by some of them ;-). Although …………

IMG_20130727_131701 IMG_20130727_131659

Last but not least the English. It seems they had to bond together and prevent each other not to do weird things or pee at the monument of freedom.  Who organized this stag party?


To view some of the ships these crews belong to, click on the link below and see my previous post.

Thanks for reading. I have had a few great days with a lot to do and see.

Carpe Diem

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6 Responses to Row Row Row your boat part 2

  1. Expat Eye says:

    I hope you weren’t following that lioness. There’ll be trouble when I get back 😉

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