The Dutchman is still alive!!

Many things happened in the last few months.

I will not elaborate on them, but they made me stronger, wiser and full of life again. To be true, cleaning and getting the mental garbage out is harder than I thought. But with the  kicks in the butt from my friends and pushing the right buttons by others I managed. This process is still ongoing, but I feel I am on the right track.

Still living in Riga. Still renting the same flat and it is getting very cold now. Still have the same job, although a lot is going to change for the department I work in. Hope it will be for the better.


Time to change. Not always changes are announcing themselves. Some occur and we can to adapt to it. Some we initiate ourselves. Whatever change is happening, they have consequences. The challenge is to define and decide what we want to change and how to do it.

The coming weeks I will try to answer some simple questions for myself. Hopefully this helps to define the changes I need to make still.

1. What did I dream of becoming when I was a child?

2. Where and how do I spend my free time?

3. Listen to my inner self. What does it really wish it could be doing?

4. What activity do I do that makes me feel happy and when I do it, the time just flies by?

5. What activities, events, shows, books am I attracted to?

6. Resolve my past issues. My past does not have to decide my future. If I let my past go and any limitations I have placed upon myself, what would I be doing?

7. What would success mean to me? What would the perfect life be?

8. What would I do if I had the Universal Credit Card (money is no object)?

Will keep you posted 🙂

Carpe diem.

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7 Responses to The Dutchman is still alive!!

  1. Welcome back!
    (When they send you the UCC, please do share the pin with your loyal followers, will you?!)

  2. Pecora Nera says:

    Glad you are back, 🙂

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