Although I do not receive that many spam mails, it is getting a bigger issue every week.

Mails programs are getting smarter to filter out those mails, but once in a while there is one slipping through.


Canadian Viagra or even stronger stuff. Girlfriends from the past who miraculously living in the same city as you do. I must say. Everything is working as it should. No need for blue or other coloured pills. And those so called girlfriends from the past. They must know each other, because the name is different, but the content is always the same 🙂

And the last one was also special, A business deal with a sensitive character. As I was scanning this mail, I really wondered how bad those mails are. Run through a translation like Google Translate or even worse.

On the other side it is very funny to read what the mail actually says.

“Hello i have a sensitive partnership deal/ business transaction i would
like to discus with you but I do not know if I am talking to the right
person, But I will like you to confirm if you are the owner of this EMAIL
ADDRESS and a proven identity to show you are. All I want is a
confirmation from you that I am communicating with the right owner of this email. I will furnish you with the information concerning the transaction for you when I am convinced that you are the right person.”

To be honest, my English is not perfect and I do make a lot of mistakes myself.

First of all, this is mail. We are not talking. But it is a figure of speech :-).

And last but certainly not the least, He wants to furnish me? With information?

That puzzled me the most. What does that mean? Does he wants to make closets, couches, beds etc from printed information?

I think there is a challenge for all English teachers here. You can make a fortune by correcting spam mails before they are send out.

I am so curious what language this text is translated from. Any ideas?

Carpe diem.

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8 Responses to SpamTastic

  1. I love my WP spam folder – it’s just so darn entertaining!
    Actually, the expression “to furnish someone with information” does exist in English:
    Synonymous with ‘to provide’ in this context. Not used very often, but I’ve come across it a few times.

  2. My fave spam comment of the day:

    “In fact, some to the best gifts for teenage women’s cost less for you to $15. To avoid catching something, avoid touching your vision, nose, and mouth.”

    Sound advice, methinks, LOL.

  3. rjschutte says:

    enough material for new blog ideas 😉

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